socials ig: snapmilxi discord:wiredcake#7759
byf i can seem rude/ like i don't care, but i don't mean to. i can be sensitive and i might not talk for a while. I can also get really excited and talk in all caps especially when it's something i rly like. I also make lots of references so if you don't understand them just ignore it lol.
dni typical dni (racist, homophobic), under 12 y/o, rude, if you send gore or nsfw.
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interests: lain, tbhk, ddlc, mob psycho, jojo, jun ito, fnaf, omori, sekai, undertale, nge, persona, madoka kins: lain, killua, hanako, hu tao, asuka, baal, reki, chiaki, nene sekai, kokomi, fischl, madoka freinds: tokey, lu, jaiden, hannah, leif, kai, muneo, reiko, shin and more. ♡ music: mitski, living tombstone, the garden, LOONA, miku, kid cudi, childish gambino, tyler the creator.